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Why buy Table Accessories from Cedar?

There is a wide range of accessories that can really tie the look of your tables together, from table top stands to ramekins. At Cedar Hospitality, we can help you to select the perfect table stands and other accessories to suit the kinds of dishes you are likely to serve.

Extensive Range

We are proud to stock a wide range of dining table accessories, including: napkin holders, ashtrays, serving trays, sizzle plates, gravy boats, sauce cups, bread baskets, salad bowls, salt and pepper shakers, cheese shakers, coffee decanters, teapots, jugs, table numbers and menu holders.

Customer Satisfaction

At Cedar Hospitality, we understand that customer satisfaction can depend on the quality of dining and boardroom tabletop accessories offered. We are proud to stock an array of products that will work together or alone to provide your customers with an enjoyable dining experience.