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Why buy Kitchenware from Cedar?

Do you want to buy kitchenware equipment that will make food preparation easier and ensure that your hospitality business runs as smoothly as possible? Cedar Hospitality stock a range of commercial and home kitchenware supplies, so you can rest assured that we will have the perfect solution.

Extensive Range

Why not check out our range of kitchenware and cookware that will assist you in becoming a master chef! Our range of kitchenware in Australia includes: slicers, salad spinners, funnels, squeeze bottles, butcher’s hooks, mortar and pestles, pizza equipment and accessories, graters, scoops, tongs and cutting boards to name a few.

Biggest Brands

We are a kitchenware store that is proud to stock some of the biggest brands in the business, including: Cambro, Chef Inox Elite, Le Creuset, Matfer Bourgeat, Paderno, Pujadas, Rubbermaid, Tomkin, Trenton, Victorinox, Global, IVO and Décor among others. Why not invest in a matching set for your kitchen?