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Why buy Kitchenware from Cedar?

Extensive Range

Why not check out our range of kitchenware and cookware that will assist you in becoming a master chef! Our range of kitchenware in Australia includes: slicers, salad spinners, funnels, squeeze bottles, butcher’s hooks, mortar and pestles, pizza equipment and accessories, graters, scoops, tongs and cutting boards to name a few.

Biggest Brands

We are a kitchenware store that is proud to stock some of the biggest brands in the business, including: Cambro, Chef Inox Elite, Le Creuset, Matfer Bourgeat, Paderno, Pujadas, Rubbermaid, Tomkin, Trenton, Victorinox, Global, IVO and Décor among others. Why not invest in a matching set for your kitchen?