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Why buy Barware from Cedar?

The smooth operation of any bar or pub relies on the presence of quality barware supplies. Cedar Hospitality supplies a range of wholesale barware to Australia, ensuring that you have everything you need to mix and create delicious drinks. If you want to buy barware sets, you’ve come to the right place.

Range of Accessories

What bar or restaurant would'nt be complete without the full range of barware and beverages accessories that allow you to make spectacular drinks? We stock the full range, including: cream whippers, trays, drying racks, wine stoppers, bottle openers, condiment dispensers, pourers, cocktail shakers and ice scoops.

Many Industries

Cedar Hospitality is a proud barware supplier for a wide range of industries, from bars and pubs to hotels and function centres. If you are searching for a high quality barware supplier that understands the needs and demands of the commercial atmosphere, you have come to the right place!